Narcissu Kickstarter FAQ

Narcissu Kickstarter FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions pertaining to the Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project.

Q: Will there be a Japanese version of Narcissu?

A: Yes.

Q: Will Narcissu be available in any other language?

A: With the games being as long as they are, and not having enough money to fund so many different versions, we will have to focus on the English version for now. We'd be happy to work with people who want to produce other language versions.

Q: Is it too late to upgrade my pledge? When will BackerKit be locked?

A: You still have time! BackerKit is not locked yet, but it will be locked once the physical rewards are ready for shipment. After the lock date, no one will be able to make changes to their BackerKit settings.  We will give lots of warning to everyone, via email and updates, before we lock BackerKit down.

Q: I want to purchase additional add-ons, so how do I account for additional shipping fees?

A: Backers of the $1, $20, $30, and $60 reward tiers, add in a $15 shipping fee, which applies to both US and International backers.  Backers of the $100 tier or higher rewards, no additional fees are needed; the reward tier already includes shipping costs. The physical tiers ($100+) still represent a better value due including all the digital items, as well access to exclusives like the mini-novel and tapestry.

Q: What are the differences between Steam released OST and the $30 tier OST? 

A: The $30 tier OST will have more than just the OST from Narcissu 1+2.

Q: So what exactly will be on the Kickstarter-exclusive OST?

A: After working out the budget, we’re going to make the soundtrack 2 discs. To go with the fact that this is an anthology project, we’ll be making it as complete we can -- covering all the games from 1+2 to the new chapter Sumire.  And if there’s a little too much music to fit onto the discs, we’ll be prioritizing tracks that were previously unavailable in other releases, or maybe squeezing in a third disc if possible. Physical disks will be pressed and shipped together with all the other physical rewards to save on shipping costs.

Q: What about the digital OST?

A: The digital OST will be mastered around when all the games are finished releasing. This gives us time to focus on the games first.

Q: What will be in the Visual Fanbook?

A: It will be an approximately 48 page color book (page count might change slightly in the future). The contents will be dual language Japanese/English, and will cover the entire Narcissu series, from 1+2 all the way to the new chapter. Expect to see things like commentary and extra details about the games, and maybe even some guest artwork.

Q: Will the games have Steam Trading Cards support?

A: Yes, there will be Steam Card support for all the games featured in the Narcissu Kickstarter campaign. For those who are wondering about cards on Narcissu 1+2, we regret to inform that Valve has a policy denying free games to have Steam Card support.

Q: Are any additional short stories going to be available?

A: We’ll be including the short “1980” in the Narcissu: Himeko’s Epilogue. Additionally, “1993” will also be included in the anthology, and will be included as a bonus feature in Narcissu: A Little Iris.

Q: Will the mini-novel also be included?

A: Yes, it'll be available for people who pledge at the $100 tier and higher, and will not be available as an add-on. The Japanese-only version was previously sold in very limited quantities by Stage-Nana at C88 summer comike. This novel focuses on Narcissu: Sumire and is a prologue to the VN, and also includes some production pictures and notes. It is approx 96 pages long in Japanese, and will be longer once the English translation is added.

Q: What is the difference between "Start" and "Novel Mode" modes?

A: Both the "Start" and "Novel" modes have exactly the same translation and text; you will get the same story reading through either one. The main difference is essentially the way it's presented. The "Start" mode is considered 'normal', where it has the pretty new added CGs, etc. The letterboxing that's been a key part of this series is a little bit smaller but still there. The "Novel" mode goes back to the original Narcissu 1+2's very sparse style of presentation. The artwork is more confined, there's less music and less artwork. I think both are wonderful and worth playing, and neither is 'better' than the other. 

Q: I want to get into Narcissu, but I have no idea where to start... Which games should I get first on Steam?

A: The Narcissu series has lots of games and can be confusing, so we've decided we need to bundle 1 & 2 along with the epilogue to help new players. Future releases will be DLC attached to this main bundle.

Q: Will I need additional Steam keys for each game that gets completed?

A: You will not receive any new keys, but instead we will be adding the games onto your existing keys as the games are ready for release. We think this is simpler and better.  That way, there's only 1 key for you to handle and input, and many of you already have used your keys.  There's also less room for errors in sending/entering keys, emails getting lost, etc.It should all be automatic through Steam's platform. Keeping your keys separate from the bundle packages means we can give you guys special perks like early access before releasing to the store. It's not 100% clear we could do that if we just gave everyone the bundle (all the bundle changes would affect all bundles at once).

Q: Will the anthology be released on any other platforms?

A: Not at the moment; currently, we're only going to be releasing it on Steam.

Q: Will Narcissu be DRM free?

A: We're anticipating just using the usual Steamworks DRM. We are looking into a DRM-free option.

Q: Will the games run in 32-bit Windows?

A: Yes.

Q: Will you Support Linux/SteamOS?

A: The engine will only support Windows. 

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