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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is a list of questions we get frequently. Feel free to suggest ones that you may have, and we will periodically review them to add to this list. Thank you.

Q: Does (insert game here) have DRM?

A: Due to the tricky nature of working with Japanese creators, we don't generally know about the DRM status ahead of time. However, when we do know, we will keep everyone updated.

Q: What's the translation progress for (insert game here)?

A: You can track translation progress here. Please do remember that this is only for reference; progress may decrease or increase without warning or reason.

Q: Will Sekai Project ever do unrated versions of (insert game here)?

A: In general cases, the original development team is in control of what content can be sold overseas, should they wish for the content to not be released we will not go against their wishes.

Q. Will there be a (insert language here) translation of (insert game here)?

A. We would love to do this, but we really need to judge the market, so make a thread on the forums and have people voice the support and we'll try our best. This goes for all other languages that people want to see.

Q: Any chance that you might be porting your titles to other platforms?

A: Generally speaking, we have limited stock. If we are selling physical copies, we'll announce when they are available and how you would be able to purchase them.

Q: Any chance that your titles might be released on Mac or Linux?                        

A: We're always interested in porting our games to other operating systems, but the viability of it depends on the engine of the title, as well as the demand for a console release of the title.

Q: I heard (Insert title here) is getting a console release but haven't seen any updates yet! Is it still on coming out?

A: Due to the nature of console releases we can't give out details that have not been officially announced yet, for all officially announced titles please check out our public project tracker

Q: How would I sign up for a review code in order to feature your game on my site?

A: Send an e-mail to . Note that we look for a minimum engagement quality and view counts before issuing keys, and at this time, we will only issue keys via the Curator Connect feature on Steam. Also, we do not issue multiple keys at this time except in rare occasions.

Q: If I'd like to provide some voice-over or composition for your games, how would I go about that?

A: While we appreciate the offer, we are a publisher, and do not directly produce the dubs or soundtracks. The authors may need help, and we would recommend contacting them directly.

Q: When it comes to the print publishing side of Sekai Project, do you have your eyes set on light novels possibly in the future?

A:  Potentially, but right now we are focused on getting Visual Novels out to our audience and will revisit print publishing at a later date

Q: Is CLANNAD censored?

A: No.

Q: What conventions will you have a booth at this year?

A: We will post our convention schedule on our blog, or announce our conventions via social media.

Q: Is it possible to purchase (insert item here) that was available for purchase at (Insert convention name here)?

A: Some of the items we bring to events are limited in nature, if there is a chance for a re-release or reprint we will announce on SNS. If there is a specific item you are looking for, please do let us know via SNS, high demand for certain items will make it easier for us to create a re-run of a previously released product.

Q. Will (insert game here) get a 18+ patch on Steam?

A. Whether or not our games get a patch is up to many factors, including discussions with our partners and is up to Steam. We cannot comment on if any game will get a patch or not.

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